Oakdale Park Christian Reformed Church
Motto and Statements of Mission and Vision


Loving God,
Loving Others,
Right here.

Mission Statement:

God’s life-changing, never-giving-up, all-inclusive love transforms us into a multicultural community of hope.

Vision Statements:

Imagine a church where. . .

  • We are fueled and guided by PRAYER, we engage in personal and group prayer, and every meeting and ministry is centered on prayer.
  • We welcome all God’s people, relentlessly striving to reflect the MULTI-CULTURAL DIVERSITY of God’s kingdom and live intentionally, giving grace to and seeking justice for all people.
  • We WORSHIP in response to God’s presence and power, to assemble as nourished believers in adoration that comes from our daily surrender to God. 
  • We DISCIPLE each other, learning and growing from the active and living Word of God. 
  • We build RELATIONSHIPS, devoted to one another as a family in Jesus.