We Believe…

In the Triune God:

God, the Father, the Almighty Creator and Upholder of the universe.

God the Son, Jesus Christ, our Deliverer and Lord who

  • Has fully paid for all our sins through His death on the cross,
  • Has set us free from bondage to sin so that we might live a new life in Him,
  • Watches over us in such a way that in all things, through the Holy Spirit, He helps us grow more like Him in our character, and actions.
  • Has given us the assurance of eternal life.

God the Holy Spirit, who

  • Is given to all who believe in Jesus Christ
  • Enables believers to share in all Christ’s blessings,
  • Strengthens and guides them in their living for Christ
  • Comforts them with hope for now and eternity

That Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, the Bible, gathers all believers into the church of Christ, which is God’s family united from all peoples of the world, one in Christ from the beginning of the world to its end.

That all those who believe in Jesus Christ are called to be faithful members of His family through sharing in the life of the local church, using the gifts they have received through the Holy Spirit for the service and enrichment of each other.

That the Bible is the Word of God, His authoritative and completely trustworthy rule for all of our faith and life.

That to personalize this faith and enter into a living relationship with God, each person must have this testimony:

  • I have a broken relationship with God because of sin in my life.
  • I believe in Jesus Christ as the only One in whom I have forgiveness of sin and restoration to a relationship with Him as His child.
  • I commit myself to live in thankfulness to God by loving Him, loving others and following His will for all of my life.