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Sermons Preached at Oakdale Park Church

"What's in your wallet?"

Pastor James Lee -August 4, 2013

Evangelism is Radical Reconciliation - Part 5 of It's a Family Affair

Pastor Emmett Harrison - July 28, 2013

All Right

Pastor Bill VandenBosch - July 21, 2013  

It's A Family Affair, Part 1

Pastor Emmett Harrison - June 23, 2013 Psalm 71

Forgiveness: The Gift of a Prodigal Father

June 16, 2013 Pastor Aaron Winkle

The Great Invitation

June 2, 2013 Jamie Kuiper, Council President

The 3 Miracles of Pentecost

May 19, 2013 Pastor Esteban Lugo

A Mother's Day Card from God - Proverbs 31

May 12, 2013 Pastor Emmett Harrison

Detachment Disorder

May 5, 2013 Pastor Emmett Harrison

Passing Through Valleys and Shadows

May 28, 2013 Pastor Emmett Harrison

Right Thinking

April 21, 2013 GEMS Sunday Pastor Emmett Harrison

With Jesus, Failure is Never Final

April 14, 2013 Pastor Emmett Harrison